State of Warwickshire Dashboard
This new tool has been produced to help monitor local changes in key economic, social and environmental indicators. The ‘State of Warwickshire’ dashboard, produced by the Business Intelligence team, follows on from the State of Warwickshire Report 2022. It presents figures on a range of measures such as the unemployment rate, neighbourhood crime, greenhouse gas emissions and homelessness. It will be updated as new information is released, providing decision-makers with the latest position.
– published: June 2023

State of Warwickshire Report 2022
This report is a compendium of data that describes Warwickshire, its population and the impact of COVID-19. The report has three main sections that align with the three strategic priorities in the refreshed Council Plan 2022-27, which takes effect from 1 April 2022: Thriving economy and places; Best lives; Sustainable futures.
– published: February 2022

Warwickshire in 2025
For an overview of what Warwickshire may look like in 2025 based on an interpretation of current information.
-published: August 2019

Warwickshire Challenges (2019 update)
For an overview of the issues and challenges Warwickshire faces …
– published: April 2019