Warwickshire Insights

Warwickshire Insights provides statistical information about local areas in Warwickshire, along with interactive mapping and reporting tools to give deeper insights and inform decision-making.
The ‘Quick Ward Profile’ tool provides key statistics for small areas, with an overview profile for each Electoral Ward in Warwickshire. Alternatively, the 8 key theme buttons link to more detailed thematic reports for Warwickshire (UTLA). These thematic reports are also listed under the “All Themes” tab. Each of the Warwickshire thematic reports (e.g. Population) also has links to local Area Reports, for the 5 District/Boroughs, Electoral Divisions, Wards and Census areas (MSOA and LSOA) and to an interactive mapping tool to explore the data.

Quick Ward Profile
Total resident population (Warwickshire)
Total Number of Businesses (Warwickshire)
Claimant count (Warwickshire)
Unemployment Rate (Warwickshire)