Population Estimates

These are the official population estimates for Warwickshire. The ONS mid-year population estimates are used directly as a base for other secondary population statistics, such as population projections, population estimates of the very old and population estimates for small geographical areas. The ONS mid-year population estimates are also used in many economic and social statistics. They are widely used across central and local government and the health sector, where they are used for planning and monitoring service delivery, resource allocation and managing the economy, as well as being of interest to the general public.

Population and household projections

Warwickshire’s household projections, 2016-based

These latest 2016-based household projections provide statistics on the potential future number of households in England and its local authorities up to 2041.
– published: September 2018

Subnational Population Projections for England, 2016-based

The 2016-based subnational population projections provide statistics on the potential future size and age structure of the population in England at region, county, local authority, clinical commissioning group and NHS England region levels. They are used as a common framework for informing local level policy and planning as they are produced in a consistent way. They were also used in the production of the 2016-based household projections for local authorities, published in September 2018…”
– published: May 2018