Obesity in Warwickshire: an overview

An overview of obesity in Warwickshire including: prevalence of adult and child obesity; the impact of obesity of other health conditions and health services; and lifestyle factors impacting on obesity.
– published: January 2020

Place Forum Outcomes Framework

The collective Health and Wellbeing Boards from Coventry and Warwickshire are currently meeting as ‘The Place Forum.’ The following draft infographic starts to document the outcomes framework that this group will use as a mechanism to monitor performance.
– published: May 2019

Seasonal Flu Vaccination In Coventry & Warwickshire (Children & Adults)

The annual flu vaccination season runs from September to January. This infographic has been used in the 2018/19 seasonal flu vaccination campaign and looks at trends in the uptake of the flu vaccine amongst adults and children.
– published: November 2018

Conceptions in England and Wales, 2016

This bulletin presents estimated annual conceptions occurring to women usually resident in 2016.
– published: March 2018